2023 REVIEW: The Clients’ Perspective: Views from In-House Labor and Employment Counsel on Current Trends in the EPLI Marketplace and Post-Pandemic Drivers That Are Underlying the Purchase of Coverage

October 24, 2023 10:00am

Beth Mabe Gianopulos
Senior Associate, General Counsel
Atrium Health

Kristina Kerwin
Senior Counsel, Employment Law, North America
Accenture Federal Services

  • When is coverage triggered and needed?
  • Avoiding lawsuits by minimizing claims: Early resolution strategies:
    • Predicting value of claim if litigated
    • Defining costs of claim
    • Resolving claims early: What do you need to know within the first 60 days
  • Best practices for controlling the cost of the defense of claims
    • Payouts; Alternative fee arrangements
    • Implementing internal cost-reduction procedures
    • Reducing the costs associated with the use of defense counsel
  • Pitfalls employers should avoid while easing their COVID-era policies
  • Vaccination policy trends:
    • Which precautionary policies are being retained?
    • What kinds of claims are still popping up around vaccination?
  • Which reasonable accommodations are being preserved?
    • What are the greatest post-pandemic risks around claims?
  • Staying compliant with jurisdictional post-COVID requirements: NY, CA
  • Practical applications of EEOC post-COVID guidelines
  • OSHA requirements and any new guidance
  • I-9 compliance: How to update your virtually inspected forms