Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration of EPL Claims

October 25, 2023 2:15pm

Laura McKinstry
Senior Claim Counsel

Jennifer R. O’Connor

  • Developing winning strategies for arbitrating EPL claims
  • Assessing the challenges of overseas arbitration of EPLI coverage disputes, and tips on how to protect oneself during the process
  • Establishing strategies for settling collective and class EPL actions
  • Understanding how the actual EPL policy can play a crucial role in the settlement and mediation of cases
  • Evaluating recent successes and failures in the use of ADR to resolve EPL claims
  • Identifying key break points during litigation at which to consider mediation
  • Devising tactics for persuading employees, employers and carriers to attempt mediation
  • Assessing the costs of litigation and conducting a cost/benefit analysis to determine your ADR options
  • Developing strategies for achieving a result in arbitration/mediation that is satisfactory to all parties
  • Assessing the merits of arbitration as a means of resolving a discrimination, harassment or other employment practices claim