Pay Equity and Transparency: Dissecting Recent Defense Wins/Losses and The Lesser-Known Lessons for Addressing Wage Disparities

October 25, 2023 10:45am

Samantha J. Manfredini Look, Esq.
Vice President, EPLI, Financial Services Group, Commercial Risk Solutions

Christine Hendrickson
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Matt May
Divisional Assistant Vice President – Claims, Executive Liability Division
Great American Insurance Group

  • Analyzing newly rolled-out state laws and changes to standards for pay transparency: CA, CO
  • Impact of the white-collar recession: Impact of job losses on data, state of C-suite executive pay
  • Evaluating racial and ethnic pay differences amid social justice issues
  • Loosening labor market: Starting salary and retention pay decisions
  • Steps to taking a proactive stance toward releasing pay data publicly
  • Defending and covering pay equity claims intermingled with gender discrimination claims
  • The new, emerging trends in pay equity litigation and what is coming down the pipeline