Data Collection and Integrity

How to Know If You Are Capturing Clean Data: Assessing Quality, Accuracy, Consistency and Relevance

November 28, 2023 11:50am

Gina Salcedo Lannin
Senior Manager, Insights and Analytics

Zachary Opperman, CFE
Director, Risk Management
Capital One

David Yanofsky
Manager, Data Visualization
R&G Insights Lab

What does good data look like? Join this session as speakers review real-world examples of data-output reports, discuss how to assess the data, and whether a program is capturing the right data.

  • Identifying inconsistent data and missing data, what data is important, and what is being captured accurately (and not)
  • Implementing periodic reviews and scrubbing data, including updating and standardizing datasets across systems
  • Acquiring and accessing significant industry data for your company and sector
  • Gaining access to data and how to engage with relevant stakeholders such as owners of relevant systems