Measuring Success: How to Determine the Effectiveness of Your Compliance Program

January 25, 2024 3:00pm

Ryan Hartman
Arnold & Porter

Patrick Hays
Global Compliance Director
Dresser Utility Solutions

Lindsay Antoniello
Deputy Chief Compliance Officer
TPG Global, LLC

In this session, our experts from several different industries will examine the particulars and subtleties of how and what to measure when assessing program effectiveness. We will explore key considerations, such as:

  • Deciding which metrics are right to measure the effectiveness of your compliance initiatives
  • What it now takes, and the extent of due diligence required for your program to be “reasonably designed”
  • How to truly know if your program is working—and when to sound the alarm
  • Best practices for periodically updating risk assessment priorities
  • How to continuously test the effectiveness of a compliance program, to show that it is improving and adapting to evolving risk and new developments
  • Monitoring and auditing compliance program components, as well as reporting on current or anticipated enhancements