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ACI’s Premiere Conference on Life Sciences Antitrust took place September 30, 2021 featuring esteemed faculty of antitrust enforcers, leading in-house counsel, and law firm attorneys who shared their insights on:

  • Current FTC and European Competition Authority Priorities in Life Sciences Antitrust Enforcement
  • The Latest Legislation and Competition Policy Being Contemplated by the Biden Administration
  • What the Global Life Sciences Industry Needs to Know About The “Multilateral Pharmaceutical Merger Task Force”
  • Recent Criminal Generic Price Fixing Cases and How They May Change the Outlook for Competition in the Industry
  • Future Forecasts for Reverse-Payment Settlement Litigation, Patent Thicketing, and Restrictive Distribution Agreements
  • The Implications of Recent Court Decisions and Enforcement Activity Related to Product Hopping, Sham Petitioning, Product Bundling, and Loyalty Rebating

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Conference Program

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