American Conference Institute\'s 5th Annual Forum on

Sunshine Act Compliance & Aggregate Spend Reporting

HCP Reporting Compliance and Risk Mitigation Strategies for Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturers

Monday, October 07 to Wednesday, October 09, 2013
DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Times Square, New York, NY
Companies are under urgent pressure to swiftly implement and manage a complete and integrated aggregate spend system before tracking commences in August 2013 and the first reports are due in March 2014.  Gain advanced strategies to incorporate immediately to meet the massive challenge of satisfying both federal and state disclosure requirements in an expedited timeframe.

Time is a luxury life sciences companies cannot afford to waste as the March 2014 deadline for initial reporting and submission quickly approaches.  Complying with complicated and evolving federal, state, and global spend disclosure laws demands a massive amount of effort and resources, and companies must be compliant when doing business throughout the U.S. and abroad or else face severe monetary penalties and loss of crucial market share. ACI’s 5th Annual Forum on Sunshine Act Compliance & Aggregate Spend Reporting will save you time and money as a frontline faculty of drug and device manufacturers, government enforcers, and policy advisors help you formulate real-world, cost-effective strategies to streamline your systems and capture and report accurate and compliant spend data.

With a focus on improving existing compliance protocols post guidance and preparing for the fallout once the reports are public, this is a solutions driven event. Attendees at all phases of aggregate spend implementation will leave this conference with practical tips and tried and true solutions to combat increasingly complex reporting requirements:

  •  BENCHMARK best practices against in-house leaders from who are developing solutions to the intense challenge of satisfying complex federal and state disclosure requirements while ensuring that corporate objectives are met.
  • PREPARE for increasingly aggressive enforcement activity and public scrutiny as government enforcers reveal how enforcers may view disclosed data. 
  • GAIN the most up to date and thorough analysis of current, pending and proposed state disclosure laws to take back to your entire aggregate spend team in the Pre-Conference State Law Boot Camp: Comprehensive State-by-State Breakdown of Disclosure and Reporting Requirements Post Sunshine Act
  •  PROTECT relationships with healthcare professionals and consumers while creating a compliant system for capturing payments under disclosure laws.

In addition, this event features special benchmarking sessions on the gray areas post-guidance: research reporting, third party payment reporting, valuing marketing materials, auditing, certifying with confidence, readying assumptions documents and much more.

Hear what prior delegates have said about this annual event:

“Very good conference with a great array of topics around Sunshine” – Bill Friedrich, Director-State Reporting, Pfizer Inc, Prior Delegate 2011

“Loved having state regulators present – gives great insight into the somewhat confusing world of state transparency and disclosure.” -  Erin Curley, Compliance Manager, Warner Chilcott, Prior

Join your colleagues who are going through this process alongside you and walk away with real life examples and the most current advice on structuring and managing a comprehensive and viable aggregate spend system by calling 888-224-2480, faxing your registration form to 877-927-1563 or registering online.