Tackling the Challenges of Substantiating New Technology Claims: How to Proceed When the Tech Evolves Faster than the Substantiation Testing

February 8, 2024 3:30pm

Erin Evans
Director, Legal - Marketing Practices

Andra Dallas
Senior Counsel, Advertising & Marketing

  • Assessing specific challenges surrounding technology’s outpacing of policy and the need to develop forward-thinking laws and regulations that keep advertising principles top-of-mind
  • Examining the role of industry standards in substantiating claims about new technologies
    • How to come up with appropriate testing to create standards for an evolving technology that doesn’t exist yet
    • How should companies that create or develop technologies think about using industry standards effectively, and on the flip side – how can they battle industry standards effectively when needed?
  • How do you test for consumer experience with new products not in the market yet?