US and EU Economic Sanctions Regulations are Changing Constantly

Recent investigations targeting companies in various industry sectors ranging from technology to finance, and shipping to insurance, illustrate that economic sanctions are a high risk area for companies in Asia. Our Asia Summit on Sanctions in Singapore is the most practical highly regarded sanctions event in Asia.

Unlike other events, this unique summit features not only government officials, but also senior in-house speakers from both global exporters, and financial industry, and provides unrivaled practical insights and benchmarking opportunities on daily operations level.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss the current economic sanctions landscape at the Asia Summit on Sanctions in Singapore.

Chris Watts

Chris Watts

Deputy Director
Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI)

Distinguished Co-Chairs
Bethany Hipp

Bethany Hipp

Head of Compliance Commercial, Asia

Tom Cusworth

Tom Cusworth

Director, Group Sanctions Compliance Product & Segments
Standard Chartered Bank

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