Track 1: Interactive Benchmarking Series — Revisiting Third-Party and Supply Chain Due Diligence and Monitoring: The Newest Rules of the Road

November 29, 2023 4:05pm

Matthew Cohen
Director, Associate General Counsel

Salim Jorge Saud Neto

Salim Jorge Saud Neto
Saud Advogados

David Kass
Chief Compliance Officer

Brian Ong
Senior Managing Director
FTI Consulting

  • Factoring in geographical risks into due diligence methodologies
  • Onboarding and classifying third party intermediaries and monitoring their activities
  • Identifying new risks through the use of alternative diligence methods
  • To what extent are companies responsible for the conduct of foreign subsidiaries and ongoing oversight of these entities?
  • How much diligence is required on subcontractors and vendors
  • New lessons for vetting and monitoring your supply chain amid increasing enforcement