Workshop B – Food Legal and Regulatory Essentials 2.0: A Guide to Plant-Based and Cell-Cultured Food Products

Jul 20, 2023 1:30pm – 05:30 PM

Madeline Cohen
Senior Regulatory Attorney
The Good Food Institute

Bob Hibbert
Senior Counsel
Wiley Rein LLP

This unique workshop will take your knowledge of food and beverage law to the next level by addressing cutting edge topics which will greatly impact the future of the laws and regulations governing food. Outside influences from social movements to dietary trends to scientific advancements have put such matters as plant-based meats and milks, and now cell-cultured meats into the spotlight.

Our workshop leaders will address these topics and to familiarize you with this next wave of regulatory essentials as well as provide a status report on some other novel legal and regulatory food concepts. Points of discussion will include:

Plant-Based “Meats” and “Milks”: Examining the Standards of Identity

  • Exploring the latest developments on standards of identity for:
    • Plant-based “meat” products
    • Plant-based dairy alternatives
  • Analyzing the new FDA proposed guidance on plant-based milks and how it will impact the market
  • Analyzing the various states’ approaches to plant-based “meats” and “milks”
    • Questions of preemption
  • Understanding the process for developing and labeling of protein-alternative foods
  • Exploring labelling and usage requirements by plant-based food companies

Cell Cultivated Meat, Alternative Proteins, Precision Fermentation

This past fall, the FDA gave the first go ahead for a company to move forward on animal cellular technology for human food. This significant step opens the door for a new era of food, and a starting point for a brand new food product sector. This panel will cover this breaking development and several others.

  • Understand the industry significance of FDA’s First (2022) Pre-Market Consultation for Human Food Made Using Animal Cell Culture Technology, and subsequent Pre-Market Consultation in 2023
  • Take stock of recent developments regarding the GRAS Pathway and Pre-market Consultations for Novel Food Ingredients
  • Understand the industry significance of GRAS Notifications for alternative proteins and use of precision fermentation