Upcycled Ingredients Summit Full Event Guide

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2 Days of

Why Attend


Learn valuable insights on scaling production to tap into new markets, drive down costs, increase operational efficiency, and push the needle of our food system towards a circular economy.


Discover innovative processing methods, equipment, and solutions to inform your future investment decisions to mitigate challenges arising from supply chain constraints.


Build effective collaborations across the value chain to uncover best practice insights and establish critical business partnerships.


Explore branding strategies to effectively enhance consumer acceptance and adoption through positioning, certification, and terminology.

Who You’ll Meet

Barnana | Blue Stripes | Chia Smash | Clean Label Project | Compound Foods | D'Vash Foods | Green Circle Capital Advisors | Grounded Foods | Littlefoot Ventures | Matriark | Otherworld | ReFED | Reveal | The Spare Food Co. | Spins | Up to Good Energy | Upcycled Food Association | Xoca World

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