Managing Cross Border Technology and Data Transfers Under China CAC Requirements: Aligning Risk Mitigation for Export Controls, Licensing Requirements, and Data/IP Protection to Achieve Compliance and Maintain a Competitive Advantage

October 12, 2023 11:45am

Christina Zanette
Assistant General Counsel, Export Compliance

Larry Ward
Dorsey & Whitney LLP

  • How to define technology under the export control regulations
  • When is technology abroad subject to U.S. jurisdiction?
  • Exemptions to technology regulation: published technology, fundamental research, nonproprietary systems descriptions
  • Technology licensing requirements
    • What are the steps for determining whether export authorization is required?
    • What are the types of authorizations available?
    • Best practice methods and procedures to make the most of EAR and ITAR license exceptions
    • The treatment of dual and third-country nationals at overseas facilities
  • Protecting your technology
    • How to negotiate IP licensing agreements and non-disclosure
    • agreements
    • R&D scenarios and pitfalls
  • Building a robust compliance program
    • How to manage travel and hand-carried data exports
    • Best practices for IT controls and network access rights