Lieutenant General (Ret’d) Raymond Palumbo

Former Director for Defense Intelligence - Warfighter Support U.S. Department of Defense

Government Speakers

Doug Cossa

Chief Information Officer U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency

Tanya M. Skeen SES

Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition US Department of Defense

Major General Daniel L. Simpson

Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance US Air Force

Mr. Christopher Ristich SES

Director of Strategic Development Planning & Experimentation US Air Force Research Laboratory

Rear Admiral Brian Santarpia

Commander, Joint Task Force Atlantic and Maritime Forces Atlantic Royal Canadian Navy

Brigadier Stefan Crossfield

Head Information Exploitation & Chief Data Officer British Army

Brigadier General Ed Barker

Deputy PEO Electronic Warfare and Sensors

Brigadier-General Patrice Sabourin

Director General Information Capabilities Force Development Canadian Armed Forces

Brigadier General Eric Vandenberg

Director General Intelligence Enterprise Canadian Armed Forces

Colonel Richard Lopez

Senior Materiel Leader Kessel Run (AFLCMC/HBB)

Colonel Hank Hurt III

Director, CE-Intelligence Integration Division,
Development and Integration (CD&I)
US Marine Corps

Dr. Roy Campbell

High Performance Computing Modernization Program US Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)

Thomas Lawhead

Director, Operational Capability Requirements, Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategy, Integration and Requirements US Air Force

William McHenry

Senior Engagement Advisor to the Director DIUx

Kristan Wheaton

Professor of Strategic Futures U.S. Army War College

Captain Guillaume Lafrance

Deputy Director General, Data, Analytics and Information Management Royal Canadian Navy

Lieutenant Colonel Mathieu Kuhn

Royal Canadian Air Force

Lisa Sanders

Director of Science and Technology for Special Operations Forces, Acquisition, Technology & Logistics(SOF AT&L) U.S. Special Operations Command

Rebecca Lively

Deputy, 90th Cyberspace Operations Squadron US Air Force

Sabrina P. Hoback

National Counter intelligence office for Emerging and Disruptive Technologies National Counterintelligence and Security Center

Major General Edmond ‘Miles’ Brown

Commanding General US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM)

Joseph D. Rouge SES

Deputy Director of ISR US Space Force

Edward You

Deputy National Counterintelligence Officer for Emerging and Disruptive Technologies National Counterintelligence and Security Center

Colonel Phoenix Hauser

Chief, Strategy & Integration Division US Air Force


Jim Ford

President/Chief Strategy Officer SemanticAI

Shubhi Mishra

Founder and CEO RAFT

Veronika Mudra

Founder & CEO Alter Ego

Angela Sheffield

Senior Director of Data and AI RAFT

John Goolgasian

Chief Innovation Officer Seerist
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