The National Summit on Artillery & Indirect Fires is presented as a direct and timely response Russian and Chinese developments of next-gen artillery and longer-range delivery systems enabling a much wider variety of munitions and innovative target acquisition techniques. Join ACI’s National Summit on Indirect Fires & Artillery as our esteemed DoD, Industry and Academia faculty will provide an in-depth examination of the increasing threats of near-peer adversaries, as well as the key emerging opportunities, capabilities, requirements, and technologies within Indirect Fires & Artillery means for our military.

Topics the Summit will Cover Include:

  • Challenges and Opportunities in the Context of Competition and Conflict with Near-Peer Adversaries
  • Battlefield Digitization: Transforming Command and Control for Domain Warfare
  • Long-Range Precision Fires: The Future of Artillery Capabilities Against Near-Peer Opponents, Increasing Range, Lethality, and Rate-of-Fire
  • Training and Simulation: Enhancing Soldier Skills and Knowledge to Meet New Demands

About the Defense & National Security Summits Portfolio

ACI’s Series of Defense Events provides a unique opportunity for professionals to learn from experienced military and defense leaders, strategists, and experts, to gain insight into the latest advancements and challenges currently facing the military. Our summits are curated with an aim to provide a platform for experts to engage in meaningful discussions and share their valuable insights and experiences. Through keynote presentations, panel discussions, and interactive workshops, our events will provide attendees with a deep understanding of the strategic thinking required to navigate today’s complex global security environments. Whether you are military personnel, technology company, government agency, and academic institution, attending an ACI event is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable insights, build professional relationships, and shape the future of defense and military capabilities.

About ACI

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For over 40 years in the conference industry, ACI has established itself as a leading conference organizer delivering over 100 events annually. Our conferences are designed to bring together military and defense professionals from around the world to share insights, strategies, and best practices for enhancing national security and defense capabilities. We pride ourselves on providing a highly interactive and collaborative environment that fosters innovation, knowledge-sharing, capability advancement, and the establishment of longstanding partnerships between military personnel, government agencies, and industry.

Our Mission

At ACI, we understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the ever-evolving world of defense and military. Our conferences are curated with an aim to provide a unique platform for experts to engage in meaningful discussions, advance their modernization efforts, share valuable insights, and establish partnerships to achieve strategic and operational requirements.