A Comprehensive & Immersive DoD/Gov and Industry experience focusing on the Next Generation Soldier Lethality, Current Capabilities, Needs & Requirements and Way Ahead Strategies for U.S Armed Forces

Government Speakers
Speaker Name

Brigadier General Mark Clingan

USMC, Assistant Deputy Commandant to Combat Development and Integration, Deputy Commanding General
Marine Corps Combat Development Command

Speaker Name

Michael McCarthy

Deputy Director, Program Manager, Close Combat Lethality Task Force

Speaker Name

Tracy Sheppard

Senior Scientific Technology Manager, Chief, Weapons Sciences Division
DEVCOM Army Research Lab

With battlefields becoming more lethal, it is mission critical that the Next Generation of dismounted and mounted soldiers have enhanced combat capabilities with increased lethality, mobility and survivability along with greater range and speed to counter emerging threats. To ensure dismounted overmatch, the Army must modernize, train, and structure the forces to build land-power capability against near-peer threats.

Join the National Technology Summit on Soldier Lethality as we bring together military and industry leaders together to address the future of soldier systems as well as the growing capability range of dismounted technology of the US Armed Forces.

Key Topics Addressed Will Include:

  • Next Generation Squad Weapons
  • Enhanced Night Vision Goggles
  • Adaptive Soldier Architecture
  • Synthetic Training Environment
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